The experienced tradesmen at White Barn Design offer a thoughtful approach to our customer’s quality standards, schedules, and budgets.  From conception to completion, we ask the right questions, listen attentively, and apply a collaborative approach to bring the Client’s vision to fruition.  Using current building practices the White Barn Design team works hard, from the first scoop of dirt to the final trim board, to provide the Client with the best possible home in the Adirondacks.

Construction of a new structure is only a portion of the services that White Barn Design can provide.  Renovations to an existing home typically involve structural repairs and the replacement of existing fixtures and finishes.  Renovating is an excellent way to make an existing space look new again.  Remodeling often alters the structure of a building and allows for a change of use of the space.  Many Clients want to open up an area or create more functional layouts for their kitchen or living room.  Remodeling creates an entirely different look, feel, and purpose for certain areas of the home.

White Barn Design is here to enliven your existing space or help you create a new one.  From estimate to completion, our team can handle the finest of details.  Start planning a new project with us!

“White Barn Design has done numerous projects in our home – both big and small, simple and complex. From as small as patching mortar on our steps, to moving walls and gutting our great room, White Barn has always exceeded our expectations. They are incredibly easy to work with, respectful of your space, accommodating, responsive, highly reliable and moreover – HONEST! Dave handily oversees a skilled team of specialists from carpenters to electricians and plumbers while Gretchen lends her design eye as needed. Together they accomplish great renovations and do so in time and within budget. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”  ~ MaryKay Coyle













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