Our Team


Dave and Gretchen Foster founded White Barn Design, LLC in 2001. Dave, a pastor, and Gretchen, an interior designer, would frequently travel with their family to their 12185457_460496464134943_7195917792534309578_o.jpgfavorite vacation spot, Lake Placid, NY.  In 2001, they moved from Buffalo to Lake Placid and purchased a second home with the deeply rooted understanding of what it is like to worry about, and need support for, your investment. They began renovations on their own home, and came to know their neighbors. As word spread that they could repair, remodel, and build, the neighbors started to call for help. What started with helping a neighbor, spawned into a business supporting a growing rental and real estate boom in Lake Placid. With a vision to support seasonal homeowners and a plan to build a White Barn for their office, Dave and Gretchen found a significant need and business niche in the vacation destination that they love. The business quickly grew organically with their quality work, sense of urgency, and the simple practice of returning a phone call. Their reputation permeated through the community. What began as delivering wood, picking up garbage, fixing things and being a trusted watchful eye, today, has blossomed into a design, construction, renovation and property management services company.


In November of 2017, the ownership of White Barn Design has transferred to Katie and Nick Seleni. The Seleni’s have worked with the Foster’s for the last two years to make the transition seamless for our customers and they hope to continue to provide exemplary service to their customers. Katie and Nick live in Saranac Lake with their son, Jonah.Seleni Picture

WBD has a 24/7-staff, the largest year-round caretaking team in Lake Placid, with oversight of 80+ properties providing the trusted support needed for seasonal homeowners and residents. From building projects to caring for homes, they provide service with a consistent approach. The team becomes intimately familiar with the properties that they take care of, supporting and treating them like their own.

WBD’s objective is to be a resource to residents and seasonal homeowners so when they come to their home, they can enjoy their home in a relaxing way, without the need to do chores, repairs, and other projects. The core values that were put forward by Dave and Gretchen 15 years ago continue to resonate through the team today.

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